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New doctors can be an overwhelming situation! You don’t know them and they don’t know you just yet. So, we understand that you want to get to know the professionals you’re working with and vice versa. That’s why we find it important to give you an idea of who our doctors are. Get to know more about our doctors! 

Dr. Justin McCormick | Chiropractor


Meet Dr. Justin McCornick! Dr. McCormick hails from the Seattle area, having been born and raised there. His passion for chiropractics developed at a young age. This is in part due to the heavy influence of having two uncles who are in the practice. With this inspiration, he went on to study at Central and Western Washington University. Upon completion of his prerequisites, he began his next schooling at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. Ultimately, he received his Doctorate Degree here. 

Continuing his professional journey Dr. McCormick set out on an exciting adventure and opened his first practice. In 2001, the first Planet Chiropractic was open for business in Salt Lake City, Utah. Once this office was fully functional and growing he decided to head down a new path. So, after 4 years Dr. McCormick sold his practice and moved back to the Pacific Northwest. Thus, Planet Chiropractic of Mill Creek was opened in 2005.

In his time as a chiropractor, Dr. McCormick has performed well over 90,000 different treatments. He specializes in treating patients with pain ranging from minimal, acute pain to chronic, unresolved pain. Along with this, he stays involved in the medical community. He does so by speaking at private events on issues about the types of conditions he treats. This includes chronic pain, pain prevention, and overall wellness. He finds it is important to spread awareness on all things chiropractic.

On the other hand, outside of work Dr. McCormick enjoys life. He enjoys a good hike, a game of golf, and playing with his dogs Lucas and Mini. He is also a purple belt in Kempo Martial Arts. 

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