About our Planet Chiropractic of Mill Creek Chiropractors

Dr. Justin McCormick


Dr. Justin McCormick was born and raised in the Seattle area. Having two uncles that are both chiropractors, he decided at an early age to become a chiropractor himself. After completing his pre-requisites at Central and Western Washington University, Dr. McCormick attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, where he received his Doctorate Degree.

His first Planet Chiropractic office was opened in 2001, in Salt Lake City, Utah. After the office was fully functional and growing over four years, he sold the practice and moved back to the Pacific Northwest. Planet Chiropractic of Mill Creek was opened in 2005.

Since 2001, Dr. McCormick has performed well over 90,000 different patient treatments. He specializes in treating patients ranging from minimal, acute pain to chronic, unresolved pain issues. He has spoken at private events on issues involving chronic pain, prevention of pain, and wellness.

Aside from his clinical work, Dr. McCormick enjoys hiking, golfing,
playing with his dogs Lucas and Mini, and is a
purple belt in Kempo martial arts.

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