What To Expect

What Happens On Your First Visit?


Everyone’s first question when visiting a new place is “what will it be like”. You want to know what you’re walking into before you put one foot in the door. This is certainly understandable! Moreover, it definitely matters if you have not been to see a  chiropractor before. Overall, your first visit is an important part of the beginning of your care plan.  

More than likely, you would not walk into a restaurant without knowing what type of food is being served. Thus, you wouldn’t walk into a doctor’s office without knowing what to expect. 


If you are new to the chiropractic world, you probably have many questions and a lot of ideas about what a chiropractor does. So, let’s talk about what is going to happen on your first visit to our office.



During your first visit, we will have an initial consultation. Firstly, we will sit down to discuss your ongoing health problems. It is important for our team to establish when your pain began, what it feels like, and any other treatment you have had. Similarly, we want to know anything that has worked before, even if temporarily.   



After evaluating your condition we perform an examination. We want to ensure that we are the right place for you to begin treatment at. In truth, there are times where it is clear after our consultation that my office is not the care you need. We do not accept patients for care that we don’t strongly believe we can help. So, during your exam, we will evaluate your condition. To begin with, we perform a range of motion tests. After that, we go through various chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological tests.

Once we finish our consultation and exam we determine if we need x-rays of your spine. If so, we will complete an x-ray examination. However, x-rays are not needed for everyone or every condition. Therefore, it is a case-by-case basis. If you are in need, we will explain our reasoning before we do so.


The End

At the end of your first visit, we will schedule a follow-up visit. This visit is to go over a report of our findings. Essentially, this visit is like a second consultation. During this visit, we will go over the results of your exam and tests. Most importantly, we will explain what your condition is and how our office can be of help. All of your treatment and financial options will be explained in detail at this time. Overall, our goal is to provide you with the best possible care we can. 

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